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 Results of the PLC's Fall Planning
Sept 8, 2013

    See the calendar for each meeting night's theme. Backpacking starts the ball rolling for the fall.

    But, they've thrown is some interesting twists. Each month, we'll use one meeting night to do something totally different - September has an evening of Frisbee golf, October we'll go swimming at the Triangle Sportsplex. November, well let's just wait and see.

 Upcoming Camping Trips
Sept 8, 2013

    Mark your calendars for the next 3 months of camping.

    September 27th we are going backpacking in the southern part of the Uwharrie National Forest. We haven't hiked that section since 2008. The landscape is hilly but nothing like th emountains so it will still offer a challenge wihtout killing anyone. We'll arrive Friday evening, hike in a half mile or so and setup for the night. Saturday we'll cover a few miles and then set up. Sunday morning will have us out of the woods and back on the road where we'll stop for lunch on the way and return to the church around 2pm. Total hike will need to be decided. We can do a 5 miler or a 12 miler.

    The weekend of October 11th is Mawat's fall camporee at Camp Campbell on Kerr Lake. The theme is basic scouting skills.

    November will see us going to our old standby, Lake Michie but with a twist. We'll go up the evening of the 22nd and on Saturday the 23rd we'll have a major cooking contest with our familes as the judges! That's right, they are coming up for dinner with us and will judge the sides and desserts each patrol makes.

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Troop Meetings

We meet every Monday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, except on holidays or as designated in the troop calendar, at McMannen UMC, 4102 Neal Rd.

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Oct & Nov Birthdays
Best wishes for a happy birthday to:
  • Mr McLamb - Oct 1st
  • Ryan S. - Oct 6th
  • James - Oct 14th
  • Matt - Nov 3rd

Upcoming Events
• Sept 20-22 - OA Fall Festival at Camp Durant
• Sept 27-29 - Backpacking in the Uwharrie National Forest

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